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Cow bedding for happier, healthier cows

Moore Farm Services supply specialist, locally sourced, cattle bedding which provides cost savings and a range of benefits for the modern dairy unit – happier dairy cows mean happier farmers!

More comfortable cow cubicles

Our deep bed cubicle sand makes extremely comfortable dairy cow bedding and keeps them warm in winter, cool in summer.

As cattle lay down in cubicles, the sand is easily displaced around the bed, providing support for the cow, without restricting movement. The improved cow comfort levels also lead to a lower rate of cubicle rejection in young stock being introduced to cubicles for the first time and research has shown very few incidents of cubicle rejection when using sand for bedding.

Sand bedding for cows leads to fewer lame cows

Using deep bed cubicle sand can provide extra grip in passages and loafing areas, so cattle are less likely to slip and injure themselves.

The increased comfort provided by this type of cow bedding means that cows will rest for longer than they typically do on mattresses or cubicle mats and this has been proven to lead to a reduction of over 30% in the number of lame cows.

Cubicle bedding sand has also been shown to reduce the number of cows with swollen hocks and knees, and more uniform hoof wear, so less foot trimming is needed with sand bedding.

Hygienic cattle bedding leads to reduced mastitis in cows

Deep bed cubicle sand is an inert cattle bedding material and provides no opportunity for bacterial growth, resulting in a lower incidence of clinical mastitis caused by environmental organisms such as E. coli and environmental streptococci. Cow health, as indicated by the somatic cell count (SCC) also reduces when using specialist sand bedding.

We deliver throughout the Midlands. To discuss your cattle bedding needs, or discuss how to make the switch to deep bed cubicle sand,
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